Halloween Safety Tips for Your Pets!

While Halloween is a fun and festive evening for kids and adults alike, it can be an absolute nightmare for our beloved furry friends! Taking a moment to consider these simple safety tips this Halloween, and make sure it’s fun for everyone 🙂

  1. Whether it’s a party or just a stream of trick or treater’s, keep your pets away from the door.
    The constant opening of the door on Halloween can easily confuse or stress out your pup, and the last thing you want is for your cat to run outside! Keeping pets in a secure room for the evening is the best way to keep them safe.
  2. Never share your Halloween treats with your pets! This goes without saying, but the excess of sodium, sugar, and potentially fatal ingredients such as Xylitol and dark chocolate, are a big no-no for Fido.
  3. Costumes are not mandatory. If your pup is a party pooper, and your kitty just won’t keep its hat on, leave the costumes off. Having a cute photo in which your stressed out pet is dressed up like a fireman isn’t worth sacrificing their comfort. A fun printed bandana works just as well!
  4. Keep collars on. Yes, even if you plan on staying inside and your pet doesn’t usually wear one. Going back to our first tip, all it takes is a distraction and your pet can slip off into the streets. Having ID, and just as importantly, a collar to grab, is going to come in handy during a ‘worst case scenario’ like an opportunistic runaway!
  5. Keep Halloween decorations away from your pets. Pumpkins, tinsel, string light cords, all can be harmful to your beloved babies if accidentally digested or chewed. Watch your pups and don’t let them get too close to your jack-o-lanterns, as they may knock them down and burn themselves, or worse! Using LED tealights is another great way to make your pumpkins even safer this year.


Have a spooky and safe Halloween this year!


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