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What’s the difference between ticks and fleas?

Spring has sprung - and you may or may not have heard that fleas and ticks appear in as low as 4 degree celsius weather! We've definitely reached that time. Do you know what you're up against this flea and tick season? Let's get armed with knowledge and fight these suckers before they call your [...]

Xylitol: this sugar substitute is a serious danger to your dog

With Easter approaching, sweets are everywhere and practically unavoidable! We know you keep chocolate out of your pup's reach, but beware of the ingredient popping up more and more lately, which has been sending countless dogs to the hospital or worse. Xylitol is a sugar subsitute common in many "diet" foods we consume, such as [...]

5 Quick Feeding Tips To Keep Your Pet Healthy This Winter

Your dog’s nutritional needs change during the winter. We rounded up a few tips that are good to consider year-round,however you'll want to pay special attention to them during the wintertime. The cold dry air, lack of exercise, and reduced sunlight can cause some very specific health issues, so you want to do everything you can [...]

BOO! The 20 Best Pet Halloween Costumes On The Internet!

It's that spooktacular time of year again! Halloween is great for a lot of reasons, but one reason is above them all. No, we don't mean raiding your child's candy stash on November 1st...we're talking about dressing up your four-legged companion in a fun costume! There are plenty of local Halloween dog parades happening in [...]