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Dog Care

“Dog Gone Walking & Cat Care is more than simply a pet service, it’s TLC with snuggles, smiles, notes, and treats. After 14 years, the people of DGW are part of our family, and my 2 Boston Terriers feel the same way (and respond with lots of wiggles, kisses, and excitement). Life is definitely better with a dog (or two) and having DGW is like a smudge of peanut butter on top of a venison liver treat – extra awesomeness”

– Dr. Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray, Lecturer at King’s University College

Kitchener Waterloo Dog Care

Dog Care

Daily Dog Walks

We offer Daily Dog Walks on local neighbourhood trails and community park visits which include feedings, refreshments and treats.  This can take the form of a brisk on-leash walk or fun off-leash activity such as fetching a tennis ball.  If your pet enjoys the company of other dogs, we can arrange for group-walks or on occasion, a supervised play session with other friendly dogs in your area.  *Private visits are also available, contact us for detail.

In-Home Visits

Perfect for the client who has a busy lifestyle or vacation plans looking to spoil their furry friend, these packages include daily walks, feedings, healthy treats, refreshments and a variety of adventurous walks and of course lots of attention!  These visits can be private one-on-one time or socialization and interaction can be arranged with other dogs with similar characteristics.

Available Packages: 2 In-Home Visits a day or 3-4 In-Home Visits, seven days a week!

Kitchener Waterloo Dog Care

Puppy Pamper

Designed to cater to the newest addition to your family, our private in-home Puppy Pamper sessions are time-specific to ensure routine is maintained assisting with house-training these growing and developing pups.  Good training techniques and leash walking is encouraged through positive reinforcement.  If your pet enjoys the company of other dogs, we will, on occasion, arrange socialization and supervised play session with other friendly dogs in your area provided they are up-to-date with vaccinations.

Available Packages: 2 In-Home Puppy Pamper Visits a day or 3-4 In-Home Puppy Pamper Visits, seven days a week!

Multiple Pets

For those animal lovers with two or more, we are here to help! We offer discounted, reasonable rates for multiple pets whether they are dogs, cats or a unique pet mix.

K-W Dog Taxi Service

Dog Taxi Service

Grooming Appointments

Want to treat your pet to a spa day but don’t have the time?  We can help with our Pet Taxi Service that will pick up and/or drop off your pet(s) (yes cats too!) for their pamper sessions at local grooming facilities.

Vet Appointments

Additionally, with our Pet Taxi Service we are available to pick up and/or drop off your pet at their local veterinarian.  We are also available to remain with your pet for the duration of their vet visit or exam.

Kennels and Daycare Visits

Our Pet Taxi Service is available to pick up and/or drop off your pet at your local boarding & daycare facilities.

Special Dog Care Visits

Special Dog Care Visits

Operation and Recovery Visits

With special care requirements, we understand that these pets need a little extra care to improve their recovery.  We are also able to administer medications and pills for healing and diabetic animals.

Elderly Pet Care and Medicine Administering Visits

We offer special care for pets requiring medication, pilling or insulin.  Our hours of operation from 8am – 9pm enable us to administer insulin at the required 12-hour interval.  We also offer additional assistance for our ‘pet retirees’ as we understand they need a little more care and assistance.

“Dog Gone Walking and Cat Care has been walking our two doggies for over 5 years now, and have always provided the most caring, complete and regular service. Our dogs love each of the walkers. And we have come to consider Mandy and her wonderful team as an important support. DGW has always been extremely good when we’ve had to contact them for something that’s come up suddenly, requiring someone to come by. My wife and I, and our two doggies, recommend Dog Gone Walking and Cat Care most enthusiastically!”

– Mike and Lori, University Professors

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