DGW’s Client of The Month – January – Cooper!

At Dog Gone Walking, we form amazing bonds with our clients, over years of visiting and getting to know all their quirks and unique personalities. With help from our sponsor, Rens Pets Depot, we choose a client each month and show off some of the incredible pets we spend time with every day! 

January’s client of the month is Cooper! We met Cooper when he was just a small pup, and now, 7 years later, he’s made many walking buddies along the way 🙂

Cooper loves to see his friends waiting in the car for him when he comes out of the house, ready to take on a new trail or sniff around the familiar neighbourhood together! Cooper can barely contain his excitement when Sade comes to the door! This is what she had to say about her visits with Cooper:

“Cooper is one of my favourite clients! He is always eager to show his fellow four-legged friends around the wonderful pond trail near his home, and has even been known to scare away an intimidating flock of geese from time to time 😉 My favourite is when I first arrive and he brings me his big stuffed toy, so proud to show it off – such a cutie!  I absolutely love taking Cooper out, and since he was one of my first clients when I started at DGW, he has a special place in my heart!”


Awww Cooper, we look forward to so many more walks with you.

Thank you for being an amazing DGW client!


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