Here is a bit about our Dog Gone Walking & Cat Care staff. This week’s wonder walker is Eryn!

Eryn didn’t always live in the Kitchener Waterloo area, she grew up in Windsor and came to KW for her education. Before getting her degree of Sociology and Gender Studies from WLU, she also went to Fleming College to get a diploma in Social Service Work.

It was in her school days at WLU that she saw an ad for Dog Gone Walking & Cat Care online. She didn’t have a car to be able to do the job, but the company always sat in the back of her mind. When she graduated from WLU she worked for Sunlife Financial for a couple years but found that the office setting didn’t suit her and she missed being outside and moving around during the day! Eryn got proper transportation during her work at Sunlife and thought back to Dog Gone Walking & Cat Care. She sent Mandy a resume without seeing an ad (she really wanted to work for Mandy) and Mandy contacted her right away! She has been with Dog Gone Walking & Cat Care ever since.

Eryn lives with her husband Thomas and her 3 furry children: Dusky, Piper and Chester. Dusky (male black kitty) and Piper (female white kitty) are siblings and have been with Eryn since they were kittens, they are 8 years old now. Chester is her pup, he’s 6 years old and a Beagle/Bassett Hound mix. All of her beloved pets are very social and friendly. They will all greet you at the door and sit on your lap or in your purse (only with permission though!).

In Eryn’s spare time, she really loves to read, her home is amazing and has more books than a library! Her wedding was even booked themed! Her and her husband are huge lovable dorks that love gaming, theater and museums. Some things Eryn loves are the colour green, fall, Laura Secord crunchy chocolate chip, Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire slayer. She also loves to travel, she took a tour of Europe when she was 18 and loved every moment of it!

Eryn was asked, “What is your favourite thing about this job?” to which she replied, “I love my job so much it’s hard to pick one thing that’s best about it! I love that every day is different and that my furry clients constantly surprise me with their intelligence and understanding of humans! I love spending quality time with animals and seeing them grow up over the years! I also love being outside and experiencing the seasons change throughout the year!


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