3 Simple Tips to Take Better Photos of Your Dog!

How many times have you tried to take a photo of your furry friend, only to end up with a blurry, dark, disappointing picture? It happens to all of us, but with a few simple tricks in your back pocket, you can make every photo of your pooch a winner!

It’s all about the lighting

Amazing photography isn’t about location, expensive equipment or perfect poses. It’s really all about lighting. Beautiful pictures of your dog can be created anywhere,you just need to get the lighting right.

When photographing your dog inside, open all blinds and curtains so natural light will filter into your home. This way, you can avoid using the flash on your camera. A flash creates a harsh light that won’t look as nice as natural light. If you have to use the camera’s flash, tape a piece of wax paper over the flash to soften the hard shadows when it goes off.

Overcast days are the best for photographing your pet outside. The light on these days is even, and not concentrated by intense sunlight, creating soft shadows. These days are particularly excellent for photographing dogs with very dark hair, which are usually hard to photograph because dark fur doesn’t reflect the light very well. Bright, sunny days create harsh shadows and will cast unflattering light on your pup. The exception to this is shooting early in the morning or late in the evening when the sun is low and casts a beautiful warm light. If you are taking pictures on a sunny day, find a shaded area with no direct sunlight to position your dog for photos.

The key to success? Repetition and bribery.

Getting your dog to do what you want and cooperate is not always easy and can be super frustrating. Don’t give up! When setting out to take a #selfie with your pet, don’t think of the process as something that will be a hassle. Instead, think of it as bonding time!

The key is repetition. Use whatever motivates your dog to sit, lay, roll over, or bark. There is nothing wrong with using a bribe of toys or treats to get your four-legged friend to behave and look into the camera. Be persistent and your dog will eventually understand what you are asking her to do and cooperate.

Keep that finger on the shutter! 

The real secret to getting that one amazing shot? The 100 blurry, dark, or cut-off photos that came before it, of course. For every great action shot we post on social media, there are 45 pictures of the exact same dog that just didn’t make the cut. We live in the digital age, so don’t be afraid to fill your camera roll with outtakes – you can always delete them later! The best pictures are always the spontaneous ones, so keep your finger ready and snapping, the perfect shot doesn’t wait for an invitation 😉





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